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1st Published, March, 2005

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Freeware Security suite for Internet Connection.

To insure the safety of your computers it is important that each computer on your Network would have one Active Software Firewall, one Active AntiVirus program, and one Active Anti-Spyware program.

Since one program never detects every thing, many people install more than one Antivirus and Anti-Spyware program.

The rule is to use only one of each category as an Active interceptor of Internet traffic, and periodically run the other programs as standalone Scanners, to clean the Registry and the hard drive from “Junk” that might “Snicked” in.

This practice is recommended even if you have a Router’s NAT Firewall.  Entry Level Wireless Cable/DSL Router Firewall blocks only a fraction of the Junk that is at your Internet door.

Internet Security is so important that many commercial security companies offer a basic "Lite" version of their software for free.

The content bellow might periodically change since Free offering tend to "come an go". Bare with us if something become unavailable, we will try to Updated this page as often as possible.

The following are security applications that are compatible with Windows XP, similar applications for Vista would be added in the near future.

The applications were chosen because they are rated very high in their respective categories, are trouble free, easy to install and use by regular End-Users.

Software Firewall:

Outpost Firewall is very easy to configure, it is light on resources, and does what need to be done.

It even includes Ads-Filter (which is a feature dropped out of most free Firewalls).

It has the tendency to often "Call Home". If you do not like often check for updates, you can block the connection to the "Home" in the Blocking Rules.

 Link to:  Outpost Free

Another popular choice is, Comodo Free


AntiVir has very high rating in detecting Viruses and it does better then other Antivirus program in  blocking Trojans.

Link to:  AntiVir Personal Edition.

AVG Anti-Virus is very popular product as well.

Link to: AVG Anti-Virus

Few independent reports reported better Viruses discovery with AntiVir.

I like AntiVir better, but you can not go wrong with either.

AntiSpy (Adware).

Microsoft AntiSpyware.

Link to:  Microsoft AntiSpyware

It was judged by many independent reviewers as the best of its kind.

Example: WindowsSecrets.com

A very popular, and a pioneer in the field of Aware protection is Ad-Aware from Lavasoft.

Link to: Ad-Aware SE Personal

In my setting I use Ad-Aware for occasional Cleaning but it is Not Active in the back ground, I prefer Microsoft AntiSpyware as my Active Guard.

You should use only one Software Firewall.

You can use few AntiVirus and AntiSpy program for independent cleaning runs.

Keep only One Program of each category loaded from Windows StartUp and active in the background.

These programs have to be install on all of the computers, regardless of how the Internet is shared.

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