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1st Published, June. 2005

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How  can I Share Files with my Wireless Computer?

It is quite common that people start with one Wired Desktop connected to the Internet and add a Wireless Laptop (or any other computer) later on.

When adding a second computer (thus) having a small network) using Files and Printers sharing is a common useful “perk”.

Many times users encounter problems with File Sharing across their newly formed Network and they tend to attribute it to the Wireless aspect of their system.

Wireless is a mere replacement to wire, and has Nothing to do with Sharing Network’s resources (File, Printers, Drives, etc.)

 File and Printer Sharing is a function of Windows Network settings, it is the same if the Network's computers are Wired, or Wireless, or any combination of the two.

First make sure that your Wireless computer is actually connected. Seeing signal in the Wireless configuration application or reading somewhere in the system that you are connected does not mean that you actually have a functional Wireless Network.

If you can use the Internet from the Wireless connected computer it means that you are wirelessly connected.

If you do not have an Internet connection  you can establish that you have a viable Wireless connection  by being able to log to your  Wireless Cable/DSL  or Access Point menu system using the Internet Browser (instructions would be in you hardware manual)

Once you ascertain that you have a viable Wireless connection it time to attend to Network File and Printer Sharing.

Log to this page it has a lot of links to instructions to  Windows Network Settings, and Sharing.

These pages would provide Help in Wireless configuration.

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