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1st Published, Dec. 2004

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Windows2003 for Home/SOHO Networks.

Windows 2003 is Microsoft successor to Windows 2000 server.

This page is an attempt to help Home and SOHO who would like to learn and try to build a Windows2003 server system as the center of their small Network, it comprise of links that might help to understand and explain issues involving the use of Windows2003.

Consider this as a Dynamic Project Page that would change as we find more info pertaining to small networks.

If you have the time it might be a Great Learning Experience, and it is a Great Operating System.

You can obtain a Free evaluation version of Windows2003 server it last for 180 days (6 months) which gives you plenty of time to become proficient and make up your mind when the time comes and a financial decision has to be made.

Windows Server 2003 Evaluation Kit.

There are few ways to approach the issue of using Windows2003 as the central   server for a small Network; each way needs different configuration, so I suggest reading a little before you "Run" the Setup File.

Here is one source of Good Set Up instructions:

Windows Server 2003 Installation

Here is a Site with good basic coverage of Windows2003

Windows2003 Server. Where to Start

Here is a collection of links that might help:

Articles & Tutorials: Windows 2003  (Scroll down to the middle of this linked page.)

A partial list of Microsoft's links concerning Windows2003:

Windows Server 2003 Support Center.

Configure Windows Server 2003 NAT (to function as an Internet Router).

Internet Connection Sharing in Windows Server 2003.

Win2003 - Internet Connection Sharing and Related Networking Features.

Turn On the Internet Connection Firewall Feature in Windows Server 2003

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