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1st Published, April. 2005

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Setting Peer to Peer  Giga network.

First read this: Giga and Peer to Peer Home Networks

A Cable/DSL Router is combo unit of Routing circuits and a switch. The Routing circuits are either 10Mb/sec. or 10/100Mb/sec.  Given the current “Speed” of the consumers Internet there is no need for higher Routing "Speed" in the foreseeable future.

To configure a Giga capable Network you need a Giga NIC in each computer and a Giga switch.

At the moment (1st Qt. 2005) there is only one Entry Level Router that is a combo of a Regular 10/100 Cable/DSL Router and a Giga Switch.

D-Link DGL4300.  It is an expensive Router.

What I do?

Option One: Buy a Regular Cable/DSL Router and an inexpensive Giga switch.

SMC has a line of Giga Desktop switches like the SMC8505T that can be found for $60 - $70.

Uplink the Giga switch to a regular Router and plug the computers with the Giga NICs to the Giga switch.

The TCP/IP stack of computers that are used for Internet surfing has to be optimized according to the type of the Internet connection, thus the value of the MTU might be not optimized for Giga Network. ( Optimizing Internet Connection ).

Option two: Install two NICs in each computer. One of them has to be a Giga NIC.

Plug the Giga NIC of each computer to the Giga Switch, and the other NIC to a Cable/DSL Router.

You need to configure your Network setting to maintain two Independent Networks.

The TCP/IP of the Internet connect Network can be optimized for the Internet while the TCP/IP of the Giga Network can be optimized for Giga values. Doing so you might obtain a faster Giga Network.

Depending of how your network is used you might be able to unbind the Internet Network from File sharing since you would use the Giga Network for this purpose.

Unbinding the Internet TCP/IP from the Network might add security to the System.

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