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1st Published, Dec. 2004

Over 6,500,000 Hits Site Wide in 2006






The following is a list of FrontPage functions that need the FrontPage Server Extensions.

FrontPage created server-side Image Maps

WebBot Confirmation Field component

WebBot Discussion component

WebBot Registration components

WebBot Save Results component

WebBot Scheduled Image

WebBot Scheduled Include component

WebBot Search component

WebBot HTML Markup component

WebBot Include component

WebBot Substitution component

Database Results Wizard

Send To Database Form Handler

Nested Sub webs

Lightweight Source Control (Document Check-in/Check-out without VSS)

Categories Component

StyleSheet links to multiple files or ASP files

Confirmation Field

Discussion Form Handler

FrontPage created server-side Image Maps

Hit Counter

Registration Form Handler

Save Results Form Handler

Search Form

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